Donwload here the Evacuation Plan and Les Comes Map.

Basic instructions in the event of an emergency:

General Safety Standards:

  • Respect general driving rules and pedestrians.
  • The maximum speed on the open driving tracks in the Les Comes de Sererols site is 30Km/hr.
  • Park in the areas designated as parking spots. DO NOT PARK on the sides of the access paths or driving roads.
  • Pedestrians are prevented from entering tracks where vehicle driving activities are carried out.


Communicate an emergency situation: If you detect an emergency, alert the nearest member of the organisation’s staff. If you cannot locate the organisation’s staff, communicate the situation to Les Comes Reception in person or by calling 902 40 50 61/93 868 25 60 / or 112.


What to do in case of emergency:

  • Follow the directions of the Organisation’s staff.
  • Keep calm.
  • Do not run. Help children, elderly and disabled.
  • Go to the Meeting Point.



  • Do not leave the Les Comes site without authorisation from the Organisation’s members.
  • The access roads may be dangerous, blocked or used for emergency services.
  • User evacuation is to be carried out with the vehicle with which Les Comes has been accessed.
  • When all vehicle occupants are in the vehicle, wait for the organisation’s instructions. The evacuation will be done in a convoy, led by a guide vehicle of the Organisation, which will guide the convoy through the safe evacuation route to the main communication roads.


Confinement: Follow the instructions from the Organisation’s staff. The areas for parking are safe spaces.


If there is smoke: Wet a handkerchief and cover your face to avoid the smoke. If you are in the car, close the doors and windows and close the vents.



Due to the type of sport, activities and/or services that we perform, Les Comes warns of the risks to all registrants, participants/visitors, passengers and especially people who may have back problems, asthma and/or heart diseases, female participants who are pregnant or may be pregnant, in other words, anyone involved both in physical activities and activities with or without a vehicle, and they do so at their own and sole responsibility. Also, participants/visitors with any allergies or intolerance to food, ingredients or products, shall notify Les Comes before the Event.

Each participant is responsible for complying with the regulation established by the corresponding government regarding the safety distance and the use of protective material (Ex. face masks) to protect their health and that of all attendees from Covid-19 type viral infections and any other contagious infection or disease. You must always follow the instructions that the organization takes in this regard and respect the corresponding signs.

Those carrying out any driving activity will always respect the rules of the road and will follow the instructions from the event’s supervisors and staff. Participants/visitors understand that due to the nature of the various activities, they must have a certain amount of skill and take great care. They will also take all possible measures to prevent the generation of dangerous situations for both the driver and passengers or other vehicles. The use of seat belts is compulsory for all vehicle occupants. Both on the roads and tracks.

Both participants registered in the event and their passengers and/or visitors declare to have read and understood the event’s regulations. They accept the consequences and risks involved in the practice of this sport/leisure activity, attendance at this event and other scheduled activities (including exhibitions and passenger transport, Les Comes 4×4 Tour, zip line, trampolines, climbing wall, Supertrack, stands, exhibitions, workshops, playground, adventure area, driving courses and any other activities scheduled by the organisation) and exempt the “Land Rover Party” Organisation  from any liability arising from this practice. Likewise, participants registered for the event will be responsible for informing their passengers of these risks and consequences that may arise in attending the event.

Participants/visitors shall never be under the influence of alcohol or any drug, which would lead to a decrease in physical/motor skills for any activity, as well as driving which would be a violation of the rules of the road.

The Organisation is not liable in a civil or criminal manner for accidents, injuries, traffic offenses, environmental offenses or charges in general caused by the attitudes or actions of participants or visitors, who undertake to respect and comply with the regulations provided.

In the interest of safety, Les Comes reserves the right to exclude or deny participation in all activities for participants who do not respect the instructions and/or may cause danger to themselves or others.

The Organisation reserves the right to partially or completely change the regulations/program and/or content of activities and suspend them, if weather conditions or force majeure so require. It may also suspend it for minor or severe causes or death, without complaint or subsequent returns. The Organisation reserves the right to refuse admission to the event.

Please read the following points:

  • I have read and understand what is written above and agree to the terms described.
  • I am in possession of a class B driving license, and I am able to show my driver’s license when requested.
  • I have good health and my eyesight is good enough to pass the medical examination for a driving license.
  • I have no illness and/or disability that prevents me from driving or engaging in any activity scheduled in the event.

I agree and acknowledge that Les Comes is not liable for damage to my property, or any wound or injury that may occur, or my death, except if such damages, wounds, injuries or death are caused by Les Comes’ negligence. Therefore, I am informed and accept the terms of the event’s program in which I will participate and have previously been informed of.

Therefore, the signer or registered participant, passenger or visitor, and where appropriate, those responsible for children and passengers, after having read and understood the rules, risks and considerations, have been informed and exonerate the company Promotor Les Comes Special Events, S.L. from any claim, lawsuit or compensation. I am thus informed and accept the terms of the regulation/program of “Land Rover Party” in which I will participate/visit.