(Updated: April 8th, 2021)

Registration and participation in the Land Rover Party 2020 implies acceptance of these regulations. Each participant must accept, respect and follow these regulations for the benefit of all other participants, the environment, and for the smooth performance of this activity.

PREAMBLE: The Land Rover Party is a meeting of Land Rover vehicles held on the weekend of 24th, 25th and 26th of September 2021 on the “Les Comes” site in the town of Súria (Barcelona). This activity has a fun and festive nature, and is by no means a competition or sporting challenge.



Participants can register on the website or by going to “Les Comes” during the weekend of the rally. Registration on the official website will open on May 11th 2021 and will remain open online until 19 September 2021. From that moment, registrations may only be processed on-site at Les Comes during the weekend of the event within the following set times: On Friday, 24 September from 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m., Saturday 25 September from 9:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m., and Sunday 26 September from 9:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m..



Participant prices include access for one vehicle and one driver. Passengers inside a participating vehicle (maximum 4 per vehicle) must pay the amount corresponding to their entry on-site at Les Comes:

The price per participating vehicle if you book online until 3 September 2021 is €70 for one day with track access, €95* for two or three days with track access. From September 4th to September 19th prices for registration will be €85 for one day with track access, €115* for two or three days with track access. From September 17th, the inscriptions will be only available on Les Comes the same days of the event at the following price: €100 for one day with track access, €135* for two or three days with track access.

The price of camping (for 1 or 2 nights indistinctly) is € 30 for each “vehicle” that accesses the Camping Area.**

The service “Camping Extra” include the Thursday night and the Sunday night and has a cost of 20€ that must be payed in Les Comes the same day of the event.

* The price to the track access is the same whether you stay 2 or 3 days (Weekend Price).

** “Vehicle” is understood to be caravans, cars, motorcycles, motor homes, trailers and any other type of vehicle or equipment that occupies extra space in the participant camping area.

The price of the camping is the same if you stay overnight for 1 or 2 nights. (Only price).

Online registration allows you to register 1 “vehicle” in the Camping Area and includes the vehicle and a tent. From the 2nd “vehicle”, it will pay on-site at Les Comes the same day of the event. 

Only Land Rover drivers can make an inscription to participate.



– Passengers are understood to be the people inside participating vehicles except the driver (maximum 4 pax per vehicle.)

– Visitors are understood to be the people with access to the Les Comes site and all event activities except those that require the use of a vehicle (4×4 paths and tracks).


– Visitors / Passengers aged 3 years or under go free.

– Visitors / Passengers aged 4 to 11 years pay €5 for the whole weekend.

– Visitors / Passengers over 12 years of age pay €10 for the whole weekend.

– Visitor camping price: €30* (only if space is available in that area on the day of the event)

 * The Visitor/Passengers price gives access to Les Comes all weekend. From September 24th to September 26th.

* Participants are given priority for camping at Les Comes, and it will only be possible to camp as a visitor if space is still available in the “Camping Area” provided by the Organisation on the day of the event. The Organisation will decide whether or not there is space in this area.

* The Visitor camping price includes 1 “vehicle” and a tent. It is understood as “vehicle”: caravans, car, trucks, trailers and any other type of vehicle or equipment that occupies an extra space in the participant’s camping area. For each vehicle that accesses the Camping Zone, the price of an extra vehicle (30 €) must be paid.

 An identification bracelet will be supplied to each participant, passenger and visitor at the Land Rover Party registration tent, which will give access to the facilities and activities.

  • The price includes free access to all activities provided that the schedule and program provided by the Organisation is respected.
  • No type of food service is included (restaurant, bar, drinks, etc.)
  • Visitors must leave their vehicles in the parking area provided and will access the facilities and activities by foot.
  • Visitors may NOT participate in activities that require the express use of a vehicle (driving on tracks).



Any type of Land Rover vehicle can be registered in the Land Rover Party and access the tracks.

*Registrations will NOT be accepted in any case for Motorcycles, Quads, ATV’s, Buggies and cars of other brands.

* Please consult the Organisation if you or any questions about vehicles with track access.

All participating vehicles must have up-to-date registration certificates, vehicle inspection tests and third party liability insurance. Furthermore, only participants with driving licenses may drive within the grounds of “Les Comes”.

You must carry the original vehicle documents and driving license with you on the day of the event and the Organisation reserves the right to ask for them at any time. If you do not have them or have any doubts about their validity/authenticity, the Organisation will have every right to refuse the participation of the vehicle or driver.

All participating vehicles that access tracks and that have a winch integrated in the vehicle must have sling or cinch. Failing that, they will not be allowed access to the tracks.



All participants must respect and follow the Organisation’s directions. Each participant will be responsible for any damages that may be caused to facilities due to misuse thereof or failure to follow the Organisation’s instructions. Current road traffic regulations regarding the maximum alcohol allowance for vehicle use will be applied where necessary. The Organisation can refuse the use of facilities or driving on the same to a participant who does not comply with the Organisation’s instructions.  The participant understands and accepts the risks of taking part in some activities for their vehicle and its occupants.

Each participant is responsible for complying with the regulation established by the corresponding government regarding the safety distance and the use of protective material (Ex. face masks) to protect their health and that of all attendees from Covid-19 type viral infections and any other contagious infection or disease. You must always follow the instructions that the organization takes in this regard and respect the corresponding signs.

Children must remain under the supervision and responsibility of their parents, and shall remain within the areas designated for them.

Pets must be supervised, tied and under the responsibility of their owner.  Dangerous animals must wear a suitable muzzle.

The sale of products or services throughout the site is prohibited except those expressly permitted by the Organisation.

Accept and commit to respect and comply with the EVENT REGULATIONS and the SAFETY STANDARDS, RISKS AND CONSTRAINTS OF THE EVENT.



All routes have been prepared, recognised and marked out by the Organisation according to their type of difficulty. Some tracks have rocky terrain so it is recommended to check tire pressure.

The Organisation has the right to deny access or modify the initial route for security reasons or due to adverse weather conditions.

Some of the sections may be two-way, so it will be necessary to take extra precautions.

The route’s lighting and signage must be respected at all times. Do not remove or change the direction of arrows. Fences, chains or wires that mark off an area must not be opened or closed.

It is totally forbidden to drive outside the marked tracks and/or cross country.

Pedestrian access to the tracks is strictly forbidden.

For security reasons, the tracks will be closed by 18.30 on Friday and Saturday and 18.00 on Sunday. It is not permitted to drive on the tracks at night.



The maximum permitted speed for driving through the access areas to facilities, the parking lot, or the camping area is 10 km/h.

The maximum speed during the track tour is 30 km/h.

The use of motorized or non-motorized vehicles is not allowed inside the property, including the Camping Zone, the tracks, the parking’s, the Commercial Zone, or any other area within Les Comes where the event is held. This prohibition does not apply to Land Rover vehicles participating in the event with an assigned bib number or to organization personnel or other vehicles that have been expressly authorized. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to the expulsion of the participant or visitor who fails to comply.


Drive with caution, keeping a reasonable safety distance (15/20m). Priority in the access, camping and/or parking areas will always be given to pedestrians.

Driving is not permitted in the camping area after 22:00 hrs. If someone arrives after the deadline, they must leave their vehicle in the parking area provided by the Organisation.

In no event shall the Land Rover Party Organisation be responsible for traffic accidents caused by a person with no relationship thereto.



If a participant has an accident, he/she shall be responsible for any damage that may have been caused to their vehicle.

If the accident occurs between two or more vehicles, the usual legal proceedings will be followed, and a “friendly” accident report will be filled out by those involved. In no event shall the Land Rover Party Organisation be responsible for traffic accidents caused by a person bearing no relationship thereto.



It is strictly forbidden to dump any type of waste in the soil. Waste paper bins and rubbish containers will be distributed throughout the site; rubbish bags will be provided to anyone requiring them which, once used, must be deposited at a specific place (ask the Organisation).

Due to the proximity of a forested area, it is not permitted to light fires on Les Comes. Only in the case of having, physically, a permit from the DARP, specific to the days and location of Les Comes, will such an activity be accepted. Any type of activity without permission will be reported to the relevant authorities with the corresponding sanction by the person responsible for the incident.



The Organisation reserves the right to definitively exclude any person from the “Land Rover Party” whose behaviour or conduct is detrimental to the smooth performance of the event, its regulations or its safety standard.

For example:

. Dangerous and/or reckless behaviour with excessive risk to people. Violent and aggressive attitude toward other participants. Not respecting the rules.

. Not carrying vehicle or driver documents, or the documents not being in order. Driving off the tracks, at night on the tracks, or cross-country. Driving through the grounds intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

. Failure to comply with the corresponding government’s public health regulations.

Should someone be excluded from the event, the total or partial amount of the entry will not be refunded.



Due to the situation of the Covid-19, the return period in case of cancellation is extended until September 10. From September 11, the
registration fee will not be refunded.

Even so, in case of cancellation of the event due to the restrictions of the Covid-19, 100% of the amount of the registration will be returned to all
participants regardless of the date on which it occurs.



Les Comes offers a large camping area with toilets and showers to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You cannot camp anywhere else on the site that is not authorised for this purpose.

The camping area has a capacity limit. The moment the Organisation communicates that this area is full through the official website, no more participants or visitors will be accepted in this area and bookings will not be processed on the website or on-site at Les Comes on the day of the event or otherwise.


No electricity service is offered.

  • The use of generators is not permitted after 23.00 hrs.
  • The camping area may not be accessed without having successfully completed registration.
  • Users must generally refrain from activities that could be bothersome for all other campers.
  • Walking animals that are not on a lead through the camping area is completely forbidden, and the owner shall be responsible for the breach.
  • Dangerous animals must wear a suitable muzzle.
  • All kinds of games that may disturb other users is prohibited within the area.
  • The use of music devices in the camping area is prohibited.
  • Barbecues or any kind of fire on the ground is prohibited.
  • Littering, dumping waste or emptying chemical toilets is prohibited.
  • Washing any object other than a kitchen utensil in the dishwasher, and the use of sinks or showers for washing dishes is completely forbidden.




The company Promotor Les Comes Special Events S.L., as the event organiser, has contracted civil liability insurance Nº Nº 83450708 with AXA insurance company.



The Organiser is not responsible for any accident that a participant causes or is a victim of.

The Organiser reserves the right to modify aspects of the location of services, routes, timetables, activities etc.

At all times, the Organiser reserves the right to cancel or suspend the event, and resolve, at its sole discretion, any incident that may occur during the same.

If the event is cancelled due to force majeure (weather or otherwise) that impedes celebration on the indicated day, the Organiser shall not refund the registration fee.

The Organiser reserves the right to change (delete, add or modify items) these regulations by statute.

The Organisation reserves the right to refuse admission to the event.



During the event, there will be presence of the Organisation’s duly identified vehicles and personnel for the smooth running thereof.

The Organisation will also install sign posts, arrows and suitably identified volunteers in places it deems appropriate and/or possible. It is understood that they are purely an informative aid and not a compulsory requirement. Most of these posters are helpful or merely informative, with the exception of those that refer to health issues or indications, in which case they will be mandatory.

Local municipality police, the autonomous Catalan police and fire brigades will be informed and alerted in advance of the event.

The Organisation shall have a Medical Service at “Les Comes” during the time of the opening and closing of the routes and tracks that will centralise and coordinate medical services for participants. This service will include doctors, nurses, ambulances and a mobile hospital and first aid service.

Manresa General Hospital will be duly informed in advance of the celebration of the event with a letter outlining the event’s schedules and contact person in case of an emergency.

Due to the type of activity that will take place in this event, the Organisation warns of the risks of all participants/visitors and especially for people who may have back problems, asthma and/or heart disease and women who are possibly pregnant. In other words, any participant/visitor carries out both physical activities and other activities under their own responsibility. In addition, participants/visitors who may have any allergies or a medical or food intolerance must inform the Medical Services before the event.

At the Registration Tent, the participant/visitor will be given a safety information booklet for visitors by Les Comes de Sererols, S.L., along with the waiver, in which are the basic emergency guidelines and a map of the site. SAFETY STANDARDS, RISKS AND CONSTRAINTS OF THE EVENT.



The acceptance of these regulations implies that the participant authorises the Event Organiser to fully or partially record their participation in it. The participant gives their consent for their image to be used in the promotion and dissemination of the event in all its forms (radio, print, video, photos, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.) and gives up all rights to its commercial and advertising use considered appropriate, without receiving financial compensation on their part.



In compliance with the General Regulation of Data Protection of the U.E. 2016/679 and the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data we inform you that the personal data that you have provided have been provided freely and that you have been unequivocally informed about the purpose of the collection. They will be included in a treatment file of the company Promotor Les Comes Special Events, S.L. You may at any time exercise the rights protected by the data protection, access, rectification, portability, cancellation, opposition, limitation and right of oblivion on your personal data in writing to Promotor Les Comes Special Events, S.L.  Pol. Ind. El Cortès 12 08262 Callús with a copy of your identification, you can read our full privacy policy in the following link.