More than 600 Land Rover vehicles have been riding in Les Comes tracks at the Land Rover Party 10th edition overtaking last season’s attendance. In total, more than 3000 people have come to enjoy the event.

 One of the most exciting moments of the weekend was the conference with the participants of Land Rover’s legendary adventure, Camel Trophy.

 Attenders at the event have enjoyed Land Rover’s new model range. Specially the New Discovery, which has been exclusively at Les Comes this weekend after its presentation in Paris.

 The Land Rover Party has celebrated its 10th edition overtaking once again last year’s editions attendance. More than 600 hundred Land Rover vehicles from across Europe have ridden through Les Comes tracks to enjoy a party made for motorsports and adventure lovers. Around 3000 people on 1300 vehicles did not want to miss a detail of the event.

For this tenth anniversary, Les Comes organised an international Camel Trophy meeting with some of the historical participants and their vehicles who experienced this amazing adventure that took place every year since 1980 to 2000 and has become a special point of Land Rover’s history. Nearly thirty Camel Trophy original vehicles, which came from around Europe, have reunited this weekend to do, once again, the legendary Camel Trophy convoy, with the characteristic yellow cars.

Related to this meeting, one of the most exciting moments of the weekend was the Camel Trophy conference with the Spanish participants of different editions, hosted by the journalist Jose Antonio Ponseti. Saturday at seven o’clock in the evening and during an hour and a half, the audience enjoyed the anecdotes and experiences explained by the pilots, who went on stage one by one. A commemorative wooden plaque of the event was given to each of them.

Another novelty from this year’s edition has been the exclusive exhibition of the New Discovery, one of Land Rover’s most emblematic models. Two days after its presentation in the International Automobile Salon in Paris, Les Comes has been able to have one of those vehicles to show it to the public willing to see it. A Land Rover Experience instructor of the Les Comes Land Rover Experience Centre has been informing everyone about the car’s characteristics.

Concerning the rest of the activities, participants have been able to enjoy the best conditions for 4×4 driving skills offered by Les Comes tracks (The only Land Rover Experience Centre in the Iberia Peninsula). There have also been some theoric and practice courses made by Les Comes Land Rover Experience Centre instructors. The Camel Trophy Crawlers and the Land Rover Classics exhibitions have been the other remarkable activities.

As usual in Les Comes, there have been plenty activities made especially for children. The little ones have enjoyed riding some electric Land Rover toys in a circuit. Other activities as the adventures area, the playroom and the kid’s area have been the icing on the cake of a great atmosphere to enjoy with family and friends


Video of the Land Rover Party 9th edition